Productivity Tools, Methods and Insights

You all know the drill.  The clock goes off way too early and you hit the snooze button.
Fifteen minutes later it rings again!
Okay time to get up.  You try to get moving but that lethargic feeling is there.  Looming ever so greatly.  You are starting to realize that the day won’t be a as productive as you would like.  Well fret no more!  I’m going to shed some light on some of the methods that I use to get up strong and increase my personal productivity.  I’m going to give you some of my personal insight and tools that I use on a daily basis to keep my productivity high.

If you are anything like me, you run the empire from home.  For many, having the ability to work from home is a blessing and desired workplace.  I can’t deny that it really is a wonderful situation.  But it does come with a price.

I would easily say that it’s human nature to want to find other tasks that are more pleasurable than work.  Well that is assuming that work is work and not the pleasure it should be.   It’s normal to start to slack and procrastinate with tasks and duties.

What i find ironic is that in all the times before, it’s never been a problem  Psychology plays a role I believe.

If we get past the basics of what would cause procrastination, such as the distractions of Facebook, Television that chat conversation with your best friend.  We come down to the basic fundamentals that we are all suffering from lack of focus in some ways caused by the abundance of distractions!

So how do we go about fixing this?

Clear your desktop & create a distraction free zone to increase productivity

Wait… you say.  Are you talking about my physical desk?  Well sure!  That too.  But in my case it was my desktop on the Mac (substitute Windows, Linux).  It was a clutter zone of random folders and web links.  It gave me a feeling of such disorganization and caused me to get distracted.

Step 1 is clear that desktop on your work computer.

There are many great applications that you can find as free, freemium and paid.

Super Simple Tasks

These are just a few.  There are many more and i’ll update this list as time goes by.  For now I really enjoy using NoteYou as a simple web service that is not only a great task manager but super simple to use.  The best part is that it’s easy to share a link so that a group can enjoy resolving tasks together.

My daily quick go to is on my Chrome browser.  Super Simple Tasks.  Pretty cool.  Quick link to find.

OneNote is a great free Microsoft product that is so robust and packed with features!  It’s an app that I use daily for really complex groupings of tasks.  I use it primarily for the complicated multi-task apps and web services that I create.

Now what about the physical desktop?

Well yes!  That is important too… but most people that I know these days are very much like me.  Digital nomads.  We end up working at a Starbucks or Library.  We find that having a productive day at a local coffeeshop is preferable to a cubical. No need to worry about the desktop there.

Bookmarks on your browsers

Having too many bookmarks on your web browser is a great way to clear up clutter and potential distractions.  Only keep the few items that you really need and use daily.

Well that’s it for now and like I said I’ll keep making updates about new ways to stay productive.


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